Kain: Burger King’s 3-Meat Whopper

I would like to start out this review by saying that I am not a fan of Burger King. I think that it’s overpriced and over-hyped. If Burger King is truly the king of burgers, then this meaty monarchy must be ruled by it’s queen, Wendy’s. And no, I am not being paid by the latter to bash BK (although throwing a Baconator my way wouldn’t hurt). So when my friend wanted to eat at Burger King, I had my doubts. But I agreed because why not? I haven’t eaten at BK for a long time and I’m always ready for a burger to change my mind. So without further ado, here is my honest review on BK’s 3-Meat Whopper.

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Kain: Pancake Burger from Jollibee

Here goes my first food post. This weekend, I was fortunate enough to find time to indulge in fast-food. If you know me well, you will be aware of my love for burgers. Sandwiches in general make me feel happy. There’s just something appealing about a simple piece of meat in between two pieces of bread. So stay tuned as I give my opinion on Jollibee’s Pancake Sandwich.

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