Kain: McDonald’s BTS Meal

Holy shit, is this actually a blog post about food!? It’s funny how “food” is a major category on my sidebar despite the last post about it being 6 years ago. But did y’all know that this blog was supposed to be mainly focused on food reviews? Look how that turned out.

So here we go, in honor of the early days of this site, let’s review something edible once again. This time, let’s join the trend and see what the fuss is with McDonald’s latest partnership with pop culture: The BTS Meal.

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Kain: Burger King’s 3-Meat Whopper

I would like to start out this review by saying that I am not a fan of Burger King. I think that it’s overpriced and over-hyped. If Burger King is truly the king of burgers, then this meaty monarchy must be ruled by it’s queen, Wendy’s. And no, I am not being paid by the latter to bash BK (although throwing a Baconator my way wouldn’t hurt). So when my friend wanted to eat at Burger King, I had my doubts. But I agreed because why not? I haven’t eaten at BK for a long time and I’m always ready for a burger to change my mind. So without further ado, here is my honest review on BK’s 3-Meat Whopper.

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Kain: Pancake Burger from Jollibee

Here goes my first food post. This weekend, I was fortunate enough to find time to indulge in fast-food. If you know me well, you will be aware of my love for burgers. Sandwiches in general make me feel happy. There’s just something appealing about a simple piece of meat in between two pieces of bread. So stay tuned as I give my opinion on Jollibee’s Pancake Sandwich.

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