On Schedules and Spontaneity

During high school and college, I hated schedules. I would seldom commit to anything unless absolutely necessary. Even until now, this phobia of commitment still has a grip on some aspects of my personality. Could it be the reason why I’ve been single for so long?

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Stolen wallet means stolen time

I’ve mentioned previously that I got my wallet stolen on the bus. Well, along with my hard-earned cash, my UMID and ATM cards disappeared just like that as well. So for the sake of closure, I’m going to chronicle my journey to having these replaced. Hopefully it’ll be of help to someone since crime isn’t gonna disappear any time soon.

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A Quick Call to Action

I’m sure everyone has heard of the adage, “Knowledge is power.”

But I have found this adage a bit incomplete. You might know everything there is about a certain topic, but if you don’t do anything with it, it might as well be as if you know nothing.

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