Isip: Please be kind

A quick reflection I had after a nice workout session. I’m working on compiling my fitness journey up til recently and it’s not yet done so here’s something to think about for now.

Let’s talk about breeding.

I was working out for the first time at Anytime Fitness UP Town Center. As always when it’s my first time, I’m observing.

It’s full of high-end people. You know those kinds. The ones with earphones that cost way more than your soul. With lifting apparel that cost twice that. Brands everywhere. Nike, adidas, underarmour, some local brand.

It’s hard not to miss them. They’re huge. They’re loud. They’re many. When one of theirs enters the gym, they call to each other across 5 rows of treadmills.

They seldom speak tagalog. If they do, it’s sandwiched between english words. They use a kettlebell to prop their iPhones up to take videos of themselves. They bring along their bluetooth speakers to blast their music in public.

Hey, there’s no problem with that. We all have our different ways of achieving our different goals. The gym is a place of respect for everyone regardless of background. It’s all good.

But then I went to the bathroom.

Oh my goodness.

You really learn a lot from a person by how they treat their bathroom. More specifically a bathroom that ain’t theirs.

These people can squat 250kg for reps. These people can afford top level equipment. These people can walk around the gym like they own the place.

But they don’t know how to flush.

But they don’t know how to wipe.

They can buy all the things they need and do all the things they want, but they can’t afford to be considerate.

As long as it’s not their problem, it’s all good. But it really is not. Don’t make it harder for the next person.

You are rich.

You are big.

You are strong.

Please be kind.



4 thoughts on “Isip: Please be kind”

  1. I can relate to you.

    All the riches in the world, yet they are poor when it comes to respect, breeding, and consideration towards other people. Maybe they were thinking that flushing a toilet bowl is too low for them, and that’s the job of maintenance?


    1. Yup, that’s probably their way of thinking. But come on, just because we have people who clean up after us doesn’t mean we forget to be decent and clean ourselves. Just sad.

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  2. Do you hate rich people? I mean you wrnt to Ateneo, and tuition is almost 500k.

    If you want, mag gym ka sa Divisoria or Baclaran. Para poor kasama mo.



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