Kain: McDonald’s BTS Meal Review

Holy shit, is this actually a blog post about food!? It’s funny how “food” is a major category on my sidebar despite the last post about it being 6 years ago. But did y’all know that this blog was supposed to be mainly focused on food reviews? Look how that turned out.

So here we go, in honor of the early days of this site, let’s review something edible once again. This time, let’s join the trend and see what the fuss is with McDonald’s latest partnership with Kpop culture: The BTS Meal.

Getting my hands on this was actually easier than I thought. I just avoided the rush on opening day and I got it via drive-thru. Just 3 days after it launched, I expected the cashier to say that it wasn’t available, but fortunately, it was right there as we rolled up to the window.

For those of you that don’t know, the BTS Meal is a 10-piece McNugget meal with regular fries and a soft drink. This costs P260 which is actually a good deal mathematically. You get twice the amount of sauce AND a lower cost-per-nugget!

So even without the BTS branding, it’s a good promotion if you’re a lover of McNuggets.

The meal also comes with its own limited edition packaging. The fries though, were just in the regular packaging so I didn’t take a picture anymore. Plus, I already ate most of it on the way home.

In a surprising twist, the BTS Coke tastes like regular Coke! The BTS fries taste like McDonald’s fries! With this information coming to the surface, I would bet that the BTS nuggets taste like regular McNuggets as well. So let’s get to the special part of this meal.

The sauces.

Two special sauces come with the BTS meal. Cajun and Sweet Chili. These replaced the BBQ sauce that usually comes with your regular McNuggets order. Upon further inspection, the Sweet Chili sauce is 4 grams more than the Cajun. I don’t know the reason for this but I bet that it’s related to some BTS reference that I’m not Army enough to understand.

I opened the Cajun sauce first because we always start with the non-spicy one. This way, our palate isn’t ruined by the capsaicin. Naks, connoisseur??

I can’t remember when and where, but I swear I have tasted this sauce before. It’s a very familiar flavor. Something like a sauce for a burger? It’s definitely something from American cuisine. Savory and not bad at all. Didn’t really taste like V or Seokjin. Reminded me of Namjoon’s English speaking ability a little bit, though.

Now for the Sweet Chili.

I was surprised when I opened this sauce because there were actual chili pepper seeds in there! After licking the cover, I knew that this was the sauce for me.

If the Cajun sauce was BTS’ Dynamite, then the Sweet Chili is their Anpanman. And by that, I mean that this is the superior one.

It’s probably the spiciest sauce I’ve ever had from a fast food order. Remember those black-bunned “Korean burgers” that McDo had on sale a few months ago? Those don’t hold a candle to this sauce. This sauce seized my throat and made me cough a couple of times because of the spiciness.

It’s not the bad kind of spicy, unless you have the same taste buds as my mama who found the Cajun sauce already a bit spicy. It’s got a kick, but the flavor just makes you want to eat some more. I didn’t want to use the Cajun sauce anymore, but with a lot of nuggets still in the box, I had to use the resources wisely.

Sweet Chili really is the way to go if you love that Korean spice. If not, then Cajun is a good consolation as well. I tried mixing the sauces as well, but the Sweet Chili overpowered the Cajun in that regard.

And that’s about it for the BTS meal. I hope after the promotion is over, McDonald’s turns the sauces into mainstays especially the Sweet Chili. It’s my favorite sauce now, while I’d still rank the Cajun below the regular BBQ sauce. But McDonald’s has a habit of making things seasonal for no reason (ehem, Twister Fries) so it might be a while before I get to taste this sauce again.

I’m not really a big fan of McNuggets, but I recommend this meal just for the savings on the cost-per-nugget. The sauces are just an added bonus.




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