Inom: Hermano Cold Brew’s Vanilla Sweet Blend Review

Falling victim to another one of Facebook Ads’ boosted products, I had to try this nice-looking cold brew from a nearby place. This is my first time ordering coffee from a local brewer so let’s see how it goes!

When I’m in the office, one of my favorite moments is brewing coffee. It’s become a morning ritual of mine to prepare my own cup right before starting with the day’s workload.

I would measure the beans, grind them, boil the water, mix them in the aeropress, wait for a while, then press out a fresh cup of coffee. All this would take just a few minutes, but it helps calm my mind. A bonus is that it fills the entire pantry with the smell of roasted beans.

But now that I’ve been working from home, I haven’t felt the need to drink coffee. There’s no more need for the morning ritual. That, and I left my coffee brewing kit at the office. So when I was scrolling through my feed and found an ad for a locally-made, cold brew coffee, I was interested.

Despite not craving for coffee when I’m at home, I did miss the experience of drinking coffee while doing some work. So I ordered a couple of bottles of their Vanilla Sweet blend. I’m a big Vanilla fan, it being my favorite flavor of ice cream. I’m not a coffee purist either, so anything that makes my coffee taste sweeter is welcome.

The order process was easy and straightforward. I never buy anything online if it isn’t COD (Cash on Delivery) or via Gcash, so I’m happy that they have Gcash as a payment option. After messaging them on facebook, they confirmed my payment and prepared my order.

You have to order at least one day in advance so plan your orders accordingly. It’s a requirement to set the date you want your coffee to arrive and they also have multiple courier choices for getting the coffee to your place. Right now, they serve all areas within Metro Manila.

The next day, they notified me that my order was ready for delivery. They coordinated with the courier and some time after, I had my hands on the two bottles I ordered. Since it was already late into the day, I put them in the fridge. I planned to drink one in the morning of the day after.

When morning came, I excitedly grabbed a bottle and popped off the cap. I poured it into my glass and looking at the color, I expected it to have a very strong taste.

But after taking a sip of it, I was surprised that it wasn’t strong or bitter at all. The coffee taste was sweet and mellow with the vanilla providing a great aftertaste. I really liked the taste and despite the distinct vanilla flavor, the coffee was still very much the star of the show.

I’m not going to pretend that I know stuff about tasting coffee, but I know that I liked everything about this one. We have a winner. I’m planning to order again and this time, I’ll try their Classic Cold Brew to see how their coffee stands alone.

This cold brew is addictive. I had to stop myself from opening the other bottle once I finished the first one. Although, I would suggest only consuming half the bottle at a time to really enjoy it. Serve it in a glass with lots of ice and you have a nice drink to get you through the morning.

Oh and you can stock up on these bottles because upon inquiry, the bottles can last for up to two weeks when kept in the fridge.

Usually, when it comes to coffee, I get poopy after the first sip. But for this one, I was able to get the alertness without the need to go to the bathroom immediately. Is this the magic of cold brew? I know that the process makes the product less acidic and bitter, but it might also have some more hidden properties that make it much more appealing than the usual process of using boiling water.

I might have to check into the process of making my own cold brew soon, but for now, Hermano Cold Brew is my go-to. They have a great product with a hassle-free order and delivery system plus really friendly customer service.

Hermano Cold Brew
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Order online here!
Ships from Antipolo City

If you’re too lazy to make your own cold brew, or just want to support a local coffee business, this is a great option for you.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!



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