Kain: Pancake Burger from Jollibee

Here goes my first food post. This weekend, I was fortunate enough to find time to indulge in fast-food. If you know me well, you will be aware of my love for burgers. Sandwiches in general make me feel happy. There’s just something appealing about a simple piece of meat in between two pieces of bread. So stay tuned as I give my opinion on Jollibee’s Pancake Sandwich.

Okay let’s go!

This Saturday, I was at SM North EDSA for a work-related event. Ingress started before the mall opened so by 7am, we were already at the event center. For breakfast, Jollibee was the nearest place open to buy food. I usually order the Ultimate Burger Steak here, but seeing the pancake sandwich featured on the menu monitors, I just had to try it.

Pancake BurgerHwoops there it is. A little smaller than their Regular Yum. It was wrapped in their Yum w/ Cheese wrapper but with an “s” sticker to distinguish it. It was soft and squishy, like a boob. I bought one burger with a drink for Php60 and another burger a la carte for Php50. Now, let’s see it in all it’s naked glory!

Opened Pancake BurgerThere it is, beautifully nude. It’s so adorable. Bacon, egg, and cheese stuck between two cute pancakes. Let’s check out what’s under the hood.

Pancake BurgerMy first comment was that the bacon could’ve been placed better. The moment I unwrapped it, some pieces started falling out already. But it’s a small error that doesn’t really make a big difference once I took a bite.

The pancake was a little moist, but it was good because the egg and cheese were dry while the bacon remained a tad oily. It all balanced out and as I chewed the burger, the flavor of the bacon was the true winner in my taste buds. The cheese also worked with the bacon to provide the bulk of the flavor. The egg didn’t really provide much in terms of taste. It did the best it could but eggs just taste like eggs. It was more there to fill out the burger. Also, eggs provide more protein so win-win.

Me with Pancake BurgerAll in all, a very good addition to Jollibee’s breakfast menu. For those that don’t want to eat rice early in the morning, or are looking for a more portable alternative to breakfast meals, this pancake burger is the one to get. Although in my case, one burger didn’t really fill me up. It’s a little pricey a la carte for Php50, and I think that if they priced it somewhere from Php30-40, then the people would really eat it up. Or they can just add a little more bacon to make it more bang-for-buck. Just a few minor complaints from me, but a good breakfast burger nonetheless. Be sure to try it the next time you drop by your local jbee branch.


p.s. If you don’t think this review is enough, check out’s review on the same burger!


2 thoughts on “Kain: Pancake Burger from Jollibee”

  1. Hmmm, i am having some reservations about this. Bakit? Kasi mas gusto ko pa rin na yun pancake na kakanin ko wouldn’t have the oil from the bacon nor the egg. Favorite ko ang pancake, Jai…pero for this, I’ll stick with the plain one, yun nilalagyan lang ng maple syrup. 😋


    1. I don’t really eat pancakes a lot, but I see your point. The oil from the bacon and egg really changed the texture of the pancake, but that could either be a negative or a positive based on your preference. But I would suggest you try it out at least once, baka lang bumawi yung taste. :D


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