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Kain: Boyong’s Burgers

One of the good things about getting a bike is that the world suddenly gets a little bit smaller. Because most of the people at my office are also bike enthusiasts, we decided to eat at a highly recommended place: Boyong’s.

The place was about a 15 minute bike ride away from the office. Lots of time to spare so we passed by an LBS (Local Bike Shop) before heading straight to eat. Along the way, I also discovered a couple more bike shops. Not too surprising because Marikina is a really bike friendly city. It put me at ease because in case something happens to my bike, there are really close shops to have it fixed.

When we arrived, the place was almost full. It was just a humble place, a house’s garage turned into a make shift restaurant. From my gathered info, it started out as a place to take out food before they renovated it into a dine-in resto. Fortunately, we were able to find some seats and order quickly. After a few minutes, our food arrived. I was surprised with the fast service despite the many customers.

Boyong's Hungarian Sausage Rice Meal

First up was the Hungarian Sausage rice meal (Php75). I didn’t order this because I ordered the Hungarian Sausage sandwich. My friends all had good things to say about it so on my next visit, this will be one of the things I’ll order. It’s a big-ass sausage drowned in mushroom sauce.

Boyong's Hungarian Sausage Sandwich

The Hungarian Sausage sandwich (Php55) arrived next. Look at that beauty. If I recall correctly, it was surrounded with barbecue sauce and some fresh veggies. Take note that their Hungarian Sausages are a tad spicy and while it didn’t really bother me much, it reduced one of my office-mates to sniffles.

Boyong's Carbonara

With the sausage sandwich appetizer done, it was time for the main course. One of the most recommended entrees of this place was their Carbonara (Php100) so when it arrived, I was already excited. And while it wasn’t the best, life-changing Carbonara I have tasted, I have to admit that it’s really good. Good quality pasta and delicious sauce. And of course bacon bits. Win!

But wait, there’s more!

Boyong's Half Pounder
Me with Boyong’s biggest burger offering, the half-pounder

As if my stomach wasn’t full and was still craving for more, I ordered their biggest burger, the Half-pounder (Php100). For a hundred pesos, this was one bang for buck burger. It’s so big and I was mentally pushing the last bites in because my stomach was so full. The meat was very nice and combined with fresh vegetables, not too unhealthy-guilt-inducing. Unlimited ketchup helped me chow down the monstrosity. The best part was tasting a hint of garlic sauce in the burger. This made sure that the burger didn’t taste too bland. I would definitely order this again if I’m craving for big burgers.

Boyong's Group
Satisfied me and friends at Boyong’s

Great experience at Boyong’s. My total spending was just over Php200 and my stomach was already ready to burst. I was hardly able to bike home because of my full stomach. I highly recommend Boyong’s if you’re around the Marikina area and want to be busog at a cheap price.

15 E. Dela Paz Street,
San Roque, Marikina City



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