Isip: 2015, a year for me and my work

I’ve had lots of ideas back in 2013 that were put aside because of [insert bullshit excuse here]. Now that 2014 is almost over, I realized that those ideas were still left untouched.

When I think about it, 2014 has just breezed through. So quickly it has come and gone. I can blame it on the slightly monotonous work days, but in the end, I’m at fault for not tying to live up to my own hype.

It’s not like I didn’t achieve much this year. I was able to finally squat 100kg/220lbs a week ago, which was better than my 2013 record of 150lbs. Most of my fitness goals were realized, as I spent most of 2014 at the gym.

However, in terms of art & design (my major) I feel like haven’t improved that much. I’ve been making lots of stuff for work but in terms of personal projects, I haven’t had much luck. And there lies the problem.

Every time reminders for my personal projects pop up, I’ve always put them on snooze, thinking that “There’s still so much of 2014 to go.” And with that line of thinking, I never got anything done as 2014 passed me by.

And I think that needs to change. So here I am, cataloging all my ideas from 2013 and 2014. This time, I’m really gonna make things happen. I’m going to make something tangible and my personal projects will come to life.

Since I’ve posted it on my blog already, I need to dedicate myself lest I come off as a failure. I also recognize that this is for my own good as well. Working on personal projects also keep my mind sane and make me forget the hassles of work. It’s all about that work-life balance yo.

Take note that I’m not using the word resolution. I’ve had enough experiences with resolutions to know that they only last up to January or February at most. But this time, I am aiming for a lifestyle change. This is gonna be something that starts for a year and hopefully lasts for a lifetime. So this isn’t some kinda New Year’s Resolution bullshit, this is gonna be a New Me Commitment. And I hope that this time, I live up to my hype.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” -Chinese Proverb

No more lollygagging for me. What are you gonna change for 2015?



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