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Padyak: Time to bike!

Here’s a quick update about what’s going on in my life. I bought a bike!

When I was little, biking was something I did with my cousins and my friends around the neighborhood. Now that I’m all grown up (?), I finally made the decision to buy a bike. My office-mates are also into biking which was another reason why I wanted one. I had companions to ride with around the metro; but one of the main reasons why I wanted to bike again was because I missed the feeling of pedaling to get to places faster.

I went to Quiapo with friends and searched for a single-speed bike while they looked around for mountain bikes. I fell in love with this flip-flop fixie at CycleArt. It fit my budget just right and didn’t look too flashy like other fixies. Here’s my very first self-bought bicycle:

My Bike

Heh, it doesn’t have a name yet, though. I’ve ridden it for two nights only. Right now it’s locked up at the parking lot. I’m hoping no one steals it because there are totally better bikes locked up around it (hehe). It’s just a humble, blue single-speeder that I wish will last me many years to come.

Next on my list is to purchase some tools for maintenance and modification. I’m also looking around the web for accessories I can put on it. I will also be taking it to an LBS (Local Bike Shop) pretty soon just to make some acquaintances and be a suki. And oh yeah, I need to buy a helmet, just to be safe.

I’ll be using this bike for work commute once I find a good place to leave it at the office. I’m praying for more bike racks to pop up around the metro so I can go to other places as well. My friends and I have already planned a trip to an eatery somewhere in Marikina, so I’m hoping that goes well.

So that’s it for now, I’ll be updating as soon as more things come up. Watch out for more bike-related shit popping up here because I’ve just found a new hobby to write about.



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