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Padyak: Marikina River Park


The bike gods answered my prayers this Sunday morning and gave me the perfect conditions to take my bike on a nearby trail that a friend recommended. The trail ran along the bank of the Marikina river and, since there was news of Typhoon Hagupit about to hit the metro, I decided to ride before the rains and winds come.

River Park Map
The trail I used going to River Park.

The trail was fun and easy, the cold air made it hard to really break a sweat while riding. There were other bikers as well as a few joggers. Along the trail were statues of animals from pigs to giraffes. They all seem run down though, but it was still interesting to see them.

Picture taken at point B. Middle of the bridge crossing Marikina River.
Picture taken at point B. Middle of the bridge crossing Marikina River.

River Park itself had many people selling things (clothes, shoes, caps etc), along with bars and clubs. There were also some rides and game booths. It was more lively at night. But because this was still early in the morning, the bars were closed but there were already people setting up shop. I bought a cheap bike multi-tool and went home. This time, I went through a route that was more inside the city (JP Rizal St.).

It was a fun ride and I was able to go to places I never would’ve gone to without my bike. If weather and time permits, I’ll be sure to go back here and beyond since just past River Park is the insides of Marikina City proper.


P.S. Here’s a video of my bike ride from my action cam.


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