Kain: Tok-yu Sushi Bar Pioneer Review

One weekend, we were looking for a place to chow down. We chose this place because it was right in front of the grocery store we were visiting right after. This is my review of Tok-yu Sushi Bar found inside Pioneer Center.

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Baliktanaw: A boy and his Appendicitis

A few days after an out-of-town with friends, I got hit with a stomachache. I thought it was just food poisoning from the vacation, but when it persisted, I decided to have it checked. After a visit to the ER, I had my first surgery and I had my appendix removed. This is how it went.

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Kain: Chicken & Beer, Habanero Kitchen Bar, Crosta Pizzeria Review

It’s been a while since my last food post, so here’s another entry chronicling the things I’ve eaten recently. I’m on a self-imposed diet right now, so the opportunity to dine at these places is really a blessing. Let’s go!

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Kain: MOS Burger, Binondo, Botejyu Review

Welcome back to late 2022’s delicious food rundown (Here’s Part 1 if you missed it!). These are the places I’ve been to that I think deserve a spot in this blog. We’ll be taking a look at some Japanese and Chinese cuisine today. Let’s go!

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Kain: Ippudo, Marugame Udon, Jin Joo Korean Grill Review

I can’t believe it’s been months since my last post! I’ve been doing well, the days have just been going by faster than usual. These past months, I’ve tried a lot of good food and instead of creating separate posts for them, I’ll just compile them here. Let’s go!

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