Isip: Open letter to those who took the ACET

Naalala ko na naman nung akala ko hindi ako pumasa ng ACET dahil hindi ko mahanap pangalan ko online. Hindi ko rin naman madouble-check sa Blue Eagle Gym kasi nasa Visayas pa ako nun. Di ko matanggap yun kasi alam kong matalino ako.

Turns out mali lang spelling ng pangalan ko sa database. I felt so vindicated when I got the acceptance letter. Matalino nga ako. That, or meron akong inagawan na slot na si JAIRUS RAFAEL yung pangalan.

Pero feeling ko matalino lang talaga ako. Hehe.

To those who passed ACET, congrats! Don’t let it get to your head. You’ve got your work cut out for you. Staying in Ateneo is a greater feat than getting in. You just got accepted to a place where your potentials will be pushed to actuality. Don’t waste the opportunity.

To those who didn’t pass, don’t be discouraged. Either God has a different plan for you, or kulang ka lang sa pag-aaral. Charot. It doesn’t make you less of a person. The most legendary of Ateneans have failed at more than one point in their lives. The trick is to keep getting back up. Push niyo yan.

Miss ko na mag-aral. Well, the extra-curricular activities mostly.


ADMU Alumni
BFA Information Design 2013

P.S. Ang pinakaprivate na banyo ay nasa Gonzaga hall 3rd floor sa labas ng dance room.


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