Isip: What do you think about when you run?

Running Thoughts

Like I said before in my previous running post, the biggest challenge in running is mental. It takes more will-power than muscles to move one leg in front of the other repeatedly for 5 or 10 or 21 or whatever kilometers. I’ve also gotten used to not listening to music while running so it’s mostly just me and the pavement. It gets a little monotonous, so I just think of a lot of stuff.

For kicks, I decided to keep track of the things I think about when I run. Maybe some of you can relate as well.

Most of these are from my recent runs, both 10k and 21k distances, when I was actually trying to remember the things I’m thinking about.


  • Okay, you’ve done this before, just do it again.
  • Hmmm, is my Strava picking up the GPS na?
  • Okay na ba yung warm-up ko? Ayan may Strava na. Go!

Early into run:

  • O, slow and steady muna. Pace yourself, Jai. Start fast, you won’t last. Start slow, you will go.
  • Kaya ko kayang mag PR ngayon?
  • Hmmm, ano ba iniisip ko pag tumatakbo? (so meta)
  • Midfoot stride! Midfoot stride! Midfoot stride! (I’m a heel-striking runner)
  • Ano kaya ang magandang isipin?
  • Ibblog ko ‘to.

Middle of the run:

  • Wooo, ilang kilometers na kaya to?
  • Shet, eto ata yung part na may aso.
  • Hmmm, walang aso. Keribels.
  • Find your pace, find your pace.
  • Ginusto mo to eh. Tapusin mo. 
  • Ano ba yan walang chicks na dumadaan. Nag singlet pa naman ako.
  • Omeged basa na medyas ko.

Late part of the run, where all hope seems lost but still a long ways from the finish (aka the hardest part of the run):

  • Pwede ka na ata maglakad, malayo na rin naman natakbo mo.
  • Hinde! Wag kang maglakad, pota! (Your biggest enemy is yourself)
  • You can keep running and finish earlier, or walk now and finish later.
  • Midfoot stride! Midfoot stride! (Form tends to break down when you’re tired)
  • Sana nag bike na lang ako. 
  • Bakit ko ba ginagawa to sa sarili ko.
  • Ang awkward na ng kamay ko. Ang bigat ng shoulders ko. Baha na sa sapatos ko. Ang sakit na ng pawis sa mata. Huhubels.
  • Lord, kunin mo na ako. Okay lang sakin. 
  • Take my life, Lord, it is yours, oh it is yours, oh it is yours. (Yes kinanta ko na siya out loud)
  • Sarap ng buhay ng mga naglalakad na to ah. Ulul pakyu kayo, kaya kong mag 21k, eh kayo? (Yes, I am releasing my frustrations at random pedestrians)
  • Usog! Dadaan ako!
  • Malayo pa ba? Shet. Ginusto ko to.

Thoughts upon nearing the finish:

  • Dig deep! Finish Strong! Malapit na!
  • Makakabili na ako ng Vitamin Boost!
  • Tama pa ba form ko? Midfoot Stride! Midfoot Stride!
  • PR kaya ito? (Umaasa parin)
  • Shet makakasulat na ako sa blog ko.
  • Ano kaya ulam sa bahay?
  • The sooner you finish, the sooner you can eat.
  • I can see the finish! Rak na itu!
  • Leave everything on the pavement!
  • Let’s go, Jai! Suffer for a moment and live the rest of your life as a champion!

Upon finishing:

  • Yes! The end! Wakas! Praise the Lord!
  • PR ba??
  • Gusto ko nang matulog/maligo/kumain.
  • Whew, natapos rin.
  • Next time ulit.
  • Sana masarap ang ulam.

After reading that, you might be thinking that running is so stressful, but on the contrary, a majority of my time running is spent spaced out, looking at the horizon and just moving. It’s actually pretty relaxing when you get used to the soreness and find your pace.

Personally, the best part for me isn’t the running itself, but the feeling of having ran. It’s the addicting feeling of having finished that overloads my brain with happy hormones. This surge of endorphin is enough for me to drag myself through kilometers of roads. Now, running might be a different experience to you, but then again, we’ll never know until you try.

So whatever your reason may be, go run! And if you haven’t found a reason to run yet, then I still urge you to do so, even for just a quick while. Who knows, the reason might just manifest itself in that small period.

So if you run, what do YOU think about?




7 thoughts on “Isip: What do you think about when you run?”

    1. Wow thanks for sharing, Gemma! I’ll take a read. Yeah, long workouts usually have more time to think about stuff, which I guess makes it more relaxing. :)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. In my recent running “moments” I tend to listen to “Christian” songs on my playlist. In that way I am reminded of some bible verses during the run. I think its just fine, I’m running and praising at the same time. #SexyChristianRunner Hahahahah


    1. Wow that’s great! They say that “singing is twice praying,” so if you sing while running, then it must be like, 3x the prayer! Multitasking is great!


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