Akyat: Climb Central Manila’s Cirque du Climb

Last Saturday, August 25, was the anniversary of Climb Central Manila. To celebrate, they set up an event called Cirque du Climb, a festival-like celebration where climbers can claim varous prizes based on their climbing abilities. I was blessed with time to attend the event with my brother and here was our experience.

For those of you that don’t know yet, Climb Central Manila (CCM) is an indoor wall-climbing and bouldering facility in the Greenfield district of Mandaluyong. Since it was the day after my brother’s birthday, I invited him to this event to try something new.

The event has two sessions, morning and afternoon, we attended the afternoon one. Right before 4pm, we registered and paid the P800/pax fee. After that, we ate a bit to give ourselves some energy.

At exactly 4pm, the orientation started for the beginners. After giving us the event shirt and a scorecard, the staff explained the basics of belaying as well as the rules of climbing for CCM. When that was finished, they divided us off into pairs and explained the event to us.

Orientation with the beginners c/o RJ

Each route in the climbing area has corresponding points based on the level of difficulty. Climbers will accumulate points that they can redeem for different rewards. They have 3 hours to get points, which in our case was from 5-8pm. Simple, no?

Everyone finding their route of choice

5pm arrived and everyone started climbing. I took turns belaying and climbing with my brother and another friend from the trails. Since it was already my 3rd time there, I had some routes that I was confident I could finish.

Let the climbing begin!

My target price to claim was a chalk bag, but when I was ready to claim it, it was already out of stock! Someone beat me to it so I just climbed some more to get enough points for a Columbia shirt.

3 hours passed quickly and at the end of the activity, I had a new shirt and my brother had a string bag and a sticker!

The day’s earnings

I got to see some amazing feats of climbing by the veteran climbers there and I knew I still have a lot to learn. I will surely be back as I juggle this new interest with the rest of my hobbies. I’m just waiting for my fingers to stop being sore.

Thank you to Dio and Marvs for accommodating us, as well as the rest of the CCM crew. It was a fun and tiring experience, and I can’t wait to do it again and try the more challenging routes.

With Dio, Ge, Marvs, and RJ

If you’re also interested in wall climbing, check out Climb Central Manila. You can drop them a message on facebook and their friendly staff will help you out! And if you don’t have someone to belay you, do not worry as CCM is the only wall climbing facility as of today with auto-belayers installed! Isn’t that amazing?

Climb Central Manila

I really wanted that chalk bag though 🤔😭

Welcome to wall-climbing, brother!

Wall climbing is an amazingly tiring activity that will work out your whole body. While it is more intensive for the arms and back, it still works out your legs and total body mobility as well. This is a good activity for cross-training with running as it lets your leg muscles recover, but still gives them a good pump.

Get high often!



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