Kain: Ohhhmy Takoyaki Review

I’ve never been a big fan of takoyaki. That sounds weird considering Japanese cuisine is my favorite food group. I can eat it when it’s offered, but I’ve never craved for it. That is, until I saw an ad for Ohhhmy Takoyaki. How can I say “no” when it’s slathered in cheese?

This is another episode of “Facebook advertising gone right.”

Ordering was a very simple process. I just messaged their page and after exchanging a few words, I reserved my slot for the next day. They can also deliver within the day, but their Mozza Series takoyaki gets sold out fast so I advice y’all to order as early as possible.

They accept payments via BDO, BPI, and Gcash which is very convenient. I paid upon ordering and was good to go. All I had to do was wait until the time and day of delivery.

I waited and waited. I scheduled my delivery for 2pm but the courier arrived at 3pm so if I were you, I’d schedule earlier than expected or at least bring some patience. Good thing I have a flexible break time so I can enjoy these whenever they arrive.

I ordered 8 pieces each of the Ohhhmy! Chizu (P180) and the Ohhhmy! Tako (P190). At the time of my purchase, they have a promo and I got a free Kani Sampler because I bought more than P300 worth of food. Yay!

I picked up the package and it was quite heavy. Before even opening it, I already knew that I was going to have a full stomach at the end. The smell of the food spread all over the area and made my mouth water. I quickly opened the box and what greeted me was a view of my own personal heaven.

8 balls of grilled batter covered in a thick layer of cheese. At that moment, few things in life mattered more. Wasting no time, I pierced the first takoyaki and put it in my mouth.

It’s not a complete takoyaki experience if you don’t burn your mouth. Fortunately, the long journey made the temperature bearable compared to the ones fresh off the grill. This one was the Ohhhmy! Tako because I could feel the chewy “Octo Bits”.

Of course, I had to take a look at what’s inside so for the next bite, I just had half of the takoyaki.

Yep, you can see the Octopus right in the middle of the batter. Aside from the meat and the flour, it’s filled with mixed vegetables as well.

I liked how much sauce is there under the balls. It’s savory but not overpowering. The texture of the batter is soft and fluffy as well. There’s no flaw to it. On it’s own, it’s a delicious piece of takoyaki.

But what I was waiting for was to taste the cheese. The melted layer on top has cooled during transport so I had to pick them apart with my chopsticks, but it was still soft and pliable. It was a solid layer of heavenly mozzarella. If I can eat just the cheese layer all at once, I would, but I know I had to portion it out for the remaining pieces.

Before finishing the rest of this box, I had to try the other flavor I ordered. The Ohhhmy! Chizu was advertised to have three types of cheese in it. They didn’t say what types specifically, but if I had to guess it would be mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar.

Again, the layer of cheese on top was just so tempting. The seasoning flakes on top also contributed to making the balls so packed with flavor. Again, I took just half a bite to see what was inside.

This time, there were more vegetables. But I can also see traces of melted cheese. I preferred this cheesy bomb over the octopus filling to be honest. The batter, sauce, and cheese just mixed together to create the kind of taste a cheese-lover like me was hoping for.

For just a bit under a couple of hundred pesos per 8 pieces, it’s a great deal! I’m still not a takoyaki convert yet, but I’m honestly craving for more of these. I can still remember the taste and experience even while writing this review almost a week after.

But we’re still not done. Let’s take a look at the Kani Sampler that came free with my meal.

Inside the box were two pieces of takoyaki and these looked a bit different. For one, they had katsuoboshi on top. The bonito flakes were still dancing along to the heat emanating from the balls. They were slathered in sauce and mayonnaise and they looked so enticing.

I popped one in my mouth and yes, the box was right, “A burst of happiness” was waiting for me. Being covered in sauce, it was a flavor bomb. The bonito flakes added even more flavor and the Kewpie mayonnaise rounded off the taste.

This was proof that even without the cheese, their takoyaki is still worth your time. As the name suggests, the kani crabsticks were tasty inside. I’m thankful for the freebie because I got to taste other flavors as well.

Obviously, I finished the entire meal. It’s that good and despite the overload of cheese, I didn’t get tired of the flavors at all. I was blessed with a happy stomach after the meal.

I’d like to thank facebook for this solid recommendation. It’s a good 4/5 on my scale. I’m surely ordering here again. I’ve found my primary takoyaki supplier and that’s good enough for me every time I want a mouthful of mozzarella.

I’ve recommended this place to my friends and I can’t wait until they order and taste this as well!

Ohhhmy Takoyaki
facebook | instagram]
12pm to 6pm
For Pick-up and Delivery
E. Rodriguez, Quezon City

Thank you for reading and let’s keep eating well!



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