Kain: Yang Gang Fried Chikin Sandwich Duos Review

During this quarantine period, my household has probably ordered immeasurable amounts of food via delivery service. It’s a convenient way of trying delicious food while minimizing the risk of getting the virus. In this post, we take a look at one such offering.

Chicken burgers aren’t usually my go-to when it comes to burgers in restaurants. But after seeing Yang Gang’s facebook ad for their product, I can’t help but be curious about it. Sometimes, facebook ads really do work.

2 borgirs for P299!? That’s a good deal. Upon checking their website each burger is usually priced at P250 so that’s a massive price drop. We decided to get 2 pairs and try the different flavors.

I ordered the burgers plus a box of OG Cheese Bombs. Thankfully, they have Gcash as a mode of payment (sorry, no COD) so I confirmed the ordered and it was “processed immediately.” I set the delivery time for 12:30 in the afternoon, just right for lunch time, and waited.

And waited.
And waited.

At around 2PM, the grab courier called me up and told me that he was outside with the food. We were all pretty hungry by then so I sped down to get the package.

Plopping the bags into the dining table, I took out each individual package and admired the very cute packaging.

I was pleasantly surprised that each box was hefty. I was afraid that the sandwich would be quite small compared to what it looked like in the ad, but my fears were unfounded.

These sandwiches were big bois! I was surprised at how big the slice of chicken in each sandwich was. Upon opening them, I knew that it would be futile to attempt to eat these in a clean way. So I washed my hands and readied for the feast.

When I finally got a hold of one, I was intimidated. These burgers are bigger than my fist! Just from the size of it, I knew that I was getting a lot of value for my money.

The first thing I noticed was that the buns were hella soft! These are my kind of buns since I’m not into high bread to meat ratio on my burgers. The bun is as soft as a baby’s butt and although it’s sizeable, the fluffiness of it is divine. There was hardly any bite to it. We’re off to a good start here.

Despite coming in multiple flavors, the burgers all have the same structure. In between the buns is a big slab of chicken that is (usually) slathered in sauce and a type of coleslaw that varies depending on the flavor.

Now for the MVP of the borgir: the chicken. Despite it’s thickness, it is cooked all the way through and very juicy. Although the sauces can be a bit overwhelming, the chicken flavor is still there. Great texture and every bite is a mouthful. There was nothing to complain about. Yum.

The flavors we got were the OG, Soy Garlic, Yangnyeom, and Kimchi BBQ. I got to try them all and I would have to say that my favorite would have to be the Yangnyeom because I can taste the gochujang in the sauce. It’s not spicy enough to get me teary-eyed, but it has the right amount of kick that I want.

Soy Garlic and Kimchi BBQ were also good, with the Soy Garlic still having a distinct Korean taste which you would be familiar with if you’ve tried Korean cuisine. Kimchi BBQ has literal Kimchi as the coleslaw and it’s so good when paired with the smokiness of the sauce and the tender chicken fillet.

I’d recommend the OG if you don’t want to go overboard with all the flavors and just want to enjoy a simple fried chicken sandwich. It’s simple, but it’s still a testament to how well Yang Gang can prepare their ingredients.

And now for the side dish (which costs almost as much as two of these burgers), the cheese balls.

These are 6 pieces for P280 and I wondered why they were that pricey, but when I took a bite, it was just pure cheese. Since they arrived late, the cheese has cooled down a bit, but just pop them in the microwave for that stringy cheese experience.

They taste like Bega string cheese if those were turned into a ball and fried with a coating of batter. These are the perfect side dish to the burgers because they help to bring the spiciness down if eaten together.

All in all, a good experience. The burgers are definitely worth it for me and I would order again because even just a single one is enough to keep me full for half a day. I’d wait until the next sale, though. Yang Gang is a solid 4/5.

They also have a lot more offerings in their website plus they also offer pick-up for orders in their Makati kitchen. Just be sure to set your order time in advance as there can be a delay in the processing. Check out all their details below:

Yang Gang
[ website | facebook | instagram ]
Accepts orders 10am-8pm daily
CLF V Building, 7615 Guijo Street,
Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City

Thanks for reading this review and if you have some recommendations and comments, let me know! Stay safe!



2 thoughts on “Kain: Yang Gang Fried Chikin Sandwich Duos Review”

    1. Thanks, Monch! I’ve been seeing the ads a lot before even considering a purchase, but eventually I just gave in.
      Awww that’s sad to know, but it might be worth a visit when you’re in the area. They’re having a different promo right now, but I think the 2 for P299 is the most sulit!

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