Kain: Chingu Corn Dog Family Bundle Review

You’re not a real fan of K-pop if you haven’t seen these corn dogs being eaten by your favorite idol. For some reason, this piece of American cuisine is a vital part of K-pop culture. I don’t watch K-dramas but I heard that corn dogs also make an appearance every now and then. Naturally, I had to taste these and give a review.

I’m going to have to thank Facebook ads once again for this experience. After seeing corn dogs being eaten so many times by the K-pop people, I sent this to the family group chat and asked if they wanted to try some. Mama approved and we had a couple of boxes sent to us.

We ordered the Family Bundle so that we can try most of their offerings and eventually choose the ones we like. But they have a lot of customization options so you can order whatever breading, coating, filling, and toppings you want. Crafting your perfect corn dog is possible with Chingu.

Finally, they arrived in a really cool packaging. They were still warm and freshly made. Special thanks to Chingu for being on time with their orders. That’s quality service right there.

Upon opening the box, the corn dogs are neatly arranged along with 5 choices of sauce.

From left to right, the corn dogs are the Classic Squid Ink, Classic Umami, Half Half Cheesy Sour Cream, Half Half Potato Cubes, and Full Mozza Cheetos.

And the sauces are (L-R) Ketchup, Honey Mustard, Garlic Mayo, Cheddar, and Spicy Mayo.

I immediately grabbed the one that looked most appealing which was the Cheetos-dusted cheese corndog. It looked so inviting.

After taking a bite, I was in cheese heaven. The Mozzarella cheese was warm and stretched a bit right before separating from the corn dog. The batter was crispy and just the right amount of thickness.

Now, I understood all the hype. So this is why a lot of K-pop idols love this snack. Not only does it look good, but it tastes good as well. As a cheese-lover, this is one of the most appealing snacks to get.

Since the entire corn dog is just a stick of cheese, you can play around with the flavor by dipping it into the different sauces provided. My favorite would have to be the garlic mayo and spicy mayo.

I have to say that just one corn dog is enough to fill you up, but all the other ones are just too good to not try. The umami corn dog was my next favorite because of the Japanese seaweed that added a familiar flavor that I really like.

Some of the other corn dogs had half-hotdog half-cheese fillings so I shared them with my brother who preferred the hotdogs while I had the Mozzarella. Win-win!

Overall, we had an amazing time with these. 5 corn dogs with 5 sauces make for a wide variety of flavors and even after a couple, the batter didn’t feel like it was too much. It was good for sharing among 3 people and it filled us right up that it served as our lunch for the day.

If there’s one thing I have to recommend, it’s that you eat these corn dogs immediately. Having to reheat them means getting rid of that crunch and although the cheese will still melt, it’s just not the proper way to experience them.

Thankfully, these are so good that you and a couple of friends will have no problem finishing a box.

We will definitely order these again. Corn dogs are here to stay, especially the all-cheese ones. Chingu is an easy 5/5 for me because I can already see myself eating a lot more of these in the future.

Just by posting a picture of these corn dogs on my social media, I had a lot of people asking where I got them, so please see the details below. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these as much as I did.

[ facebook | instagram ]
Online orders from 12PM to 6PM
Mandaluyong City

Thanks for reading and stay safe! As usual, talk to me in the comments.



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