Kain: 1975 Old Fashioned Burgers Review

While my household has had different types of food delivered in this quarantine period, burgers are definitely my favorite. There is just something about a piece of meat in between some bread that makes me salivate. In this post, I review what is in my opinion the tastiest burger I’ve tried during this Covid era.

Unlike my previous post, I did not stumble upon this burger on facebook. This was discovered by my mama while she was looking for food to try. As the head of the household, she has the final say on the things we order; so she is also the one on the lookout for things that look good enough to warrant a taste test.

In all the different burger places she has ordered from, this is the only place that made me ask her the name of the store. We have ordered from 1975 Old Fashioned Burgers multiple times already. If I had my way, I would order from them every other day. That is how much I love their burgers.

So as usual, we booked our burgers. They have multiple selections, but we have narrowed down our favorites to the Hawaiian Classic (P120) and the Double Classic (P130). Every now and then, they also have a special promotion where they include a FREE upgrade of Cheesy Bacon Fries. I’m telling you right now that for the price point, these burgers are worth it.

The burgers were delivered by their own kind courier. They were individually packaged in a paper bag that had the store’s brand on it.

First off, let’s take a look at the Double Classic. As its name implies, it’s their classic burger with two burger patties instead of one. I feel that this is just the right amount of patties for my liking. I have tried their Triple Classic before, but it tipped the balance of too much meat and was a bit hard to maneuver for my taste. However, the option is still available for those of you who would prefer more protein packed in a single burger.

There it is. With a side helping of their cheesy fries which I always devour first. As you can see, the burger is quite simple. Two patties, a slice of cheddar, some more cheese sauce, bacon strips, lettuce, tomatoes, and some caramelized onions. These are sandwiched in between some freshly-baked Oatmeal buns. What’s not to like?

Let’s start with the buns. These buns are so soft and fluffy. It’s like biting into air. But they do balance out the meatiness of the patty and the oatmeal flakes add some texture to every bite. But mostly, the buns are just there so the whole thing stays intact.

How about what’s in between the buns? Heaven is what’s inside. The patties have the juiciness and smokiness that only comes with being grilled. Every bite is so good and all the other ingredients complement the Brazilian Beef that they use. I’m not a big tomato fan, but for this burger, I don’t mind. And for a final kick, the bacon adds that familiar salty-porky zing.

I was so excited to eat this burger that I forgot to take a picture of it before biting in. It’s quite filling as well so you’re really getting a lot of beef for your buck when you consider the price you paid for this experience. There is a lot to love in this meal.

However, I was not satisfied with just one burger for today, so I opened up another carton. This time, what was waiting for me was the Classic Hawaiian.

Again, I had to eat the cheesy fries first. This side dish is perfect when it’s still warm and the cheese is still dripping. I long for the day when the pandemic is over and I can eat this meal right off the grill.

Taking a look at what’s under the bun, you can see the same ingredients, but with the key point that is the pineapple. What a treat for someone who loves pineapple with savory food (Team Hawaiian Pizza all day, every day). This is the personal favorite of mama and I agree with her as well.

It’s amazing what the addition of a single ingredient can do to change the entire experience of this burger. I don’t think I can properly describe why pineapple fits so well here, but it is just very delicious. Every bite is still the grilled patty flavor but this time, the juices of the pineapple slice just bring it to the next level.

The burger didn’t last long and despite having eaten a whole ‘nother burger previously, I ate this like it was the first thing I’ve eaten in a while.

I’m so glad that mama found this store. A few minutes after eating, I was knocked out with a food coma, but it wasn’t an unpleasant experience like the feeling of being bloated after eating oily food. It was just the right amount of satisfaction and Brazilian Beef in my tummy.

As I’m writing this review, my mouth is already watering once more. I can’t wait until my next meal with these burgers. Maybe next time I’ll try their Fried Chicken Sandwich and see how it stacks up. But rest assured I will still be ordering the Double Classic and Hawaiian Classic along with it.

1975 Old Fashioned Burgers is a perfect 5/5. I literally wouldn’t be mad if this is the only burger place I dine in for the rest of my life.

1975 Old Fashioned Burgers
[ facebook | instagram ]
Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am to 12mn
San Roque, Marikina City

Thanks for reading this review! If you have some more burger joints to recommend (as long as they deliver), feel free to let me know. Until then, stay safe.



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