Kain: Seoul Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant Review

We’ve celebrated Mama’s birthday in this restaurant twice now, so I felt that it deserves its own post. This is my experience dining in this sossy, revolving restaurant.

Our first dine in experience here was back in 2021. We had a great time and despite skipping a year, we decided to return. As indicated by their name, they specialize in authentic Korean cuisine. They have set meals where you can get a discount compared to ordering each dish individually, but they also have a la carte servings.

To dine in this restaurant, it’s better to make a reservation a few days prior, since it can get crowded during peak hours (evenings). Their facebook account is very responsive and I was able to get a table even just a day before.

There is parking available in the basement of the building and the guards and stewards will kindly guide you on where to go to reach the 33rd floor where the restaurant is.

We were promptly seated and the staff took our orders. Serving time was 15-20 minutes as per the waiter, but the food arrived earlier than that. In the short time waiting, they served the different side dishes which were refillable. Marbled potatoes, kim chi, fish cake, mixed veggies, and some sauces were given for us to munch on.

Side dishes with the group’s favorite Budae Jjigae on the top left

Then one by one, our mains arrived. We ordered the Seoul Sky Set Menu B which consisted of the following: Beef Short Rib, Thin Sliced Marinated Beef Short Rib. Marinated Beef Rib Fingers, Marinated Chicken BBQ, Spicy Sausage & Ham Stew, Japchae, and Rice.

Aside from this set, we also got a la carte orders of Jjajangmyeon, Grilled Mackerel, and a plate of Marinated Pork Bulgogi.

That’s a lot of dishes to wash afterwards

All the beef dishes were just perfect. Each bite was succulent and their marinade was sweet and savory. The short ribs showed off the quality taste of their beef and was perfect for eating wrapped in lettuce and dipped in their ssamjang spicy sauce.

More than half the total price was for these three alone. Worth it!

I particularly enjoyed nibbling on the bone of the short ribs. Its my favorite part, gnawing off the meat connected to the ribs and chewing on the tendons.

The marinated chicken also tasted good, but the chicken itself was a bit too tough for my taste. It felt like chicken left outside for a while despite it being freshly cooked.

Taste was excellent, but texture was not

The Spicy Sausage & Ham Stew, or budae jjigae was delicious. It was deceptively spicy and full of different vegetables, luncheon meat, sausage, ground meat, and noodles. I had to eat the other dishes after every mouthful to make the burn go away, but the hot soup warmed my tummy with each sip.

I didn’t eat a lot of the Japchae because I was more biased towards the Jjajangmyeon, but having tasted it, it was the usual great flavor that’s hard to mess up. I always liked how chewy the noodles are and this didn’t disappoint.

I avoided this dish because I always get so full easily

Speaking of the Jjajangmyeon, it was delectable and filling. It was topped with an egg over easy, and the yolk mixed in with the black bean sauce added more dimensions to the flavor.

I love JJajangmyeon but I’ve only been able to eat it recently via the instant noodle packs. They don’t hold a candle to a bowl that is authentically made. This was a treat and every mouthful was a blessing.

Authentic Jjajangmyeon is one of Korea’s greatest gifts

I didn’t taste the Grilled Mackerel, but Mama and my brother liked it. It was an entire fish and came with a special sauce. It wasn’t boneless which dissuaded me from eating it, but there were no negative comments from the people who tried it.

Grilled Mackerel

And last but not the least, the Marinated Pork Bulgogi. It was spicy but not overly so. Even my mama who is sensitive to spicy food liked it. The pork was tender and melted in my mouth. It came with lots of greens which gave me the illusion of the dish being healthy. I’m currently limiting my pork intake, but it was hard to say no to this.

Pork Bulgogi

As you can conclude from this review, it was an overall great experience. It’s no wonder that we came back a second time despite the lavish price tag. We spent almost P6,000 total for 5 pax, but it was well worth it.

Even Mama wanted to come back and try the other dishes next time. I agreed with her. There was the Wagyu Beef that beckoned to me, as well as their bibimbap.

One thing is for sure, we will be back here again. Maybe we don’t have to wait for a birthday next time.

Still dreaming about these juicy and tender beef tips

I would also like to mention how great their service is. The staff are warm and accommodating, with smiles on their faces. They’re always on the lookout for the customers’ needs without hovering around.

Sunset view and the birthday girl. Thank you, Seoul Sky staff for the special greeting!

The kitchen was also visible via a wide, glass window. It looked very clean and the chefs seemed to be having a good time. It’s not every restaurant where I think “wow the employees seem to really like working here” but that’s the vibe they gave off.

Now, I talked all about the food, but what’s unique about this restaurant is that the entire outer part of the floor was revolving. At 33 floors above the ground and floor-to-ceiling windows, we were treated to the views of Metro Manila.

What a great and stomach-bursting experience!

In the afternoon, one could see the mountains of Rizal in the dsitance as well as the tall skyscrapers nearby. It was more amazing when evening came and the city lights illuminated the surroundings. City views don’t appeal to me personally, but I can see the appeal.

I estimated that it would take around 4 hours to complete a 360-degree revolution. We stayed for almost 2 hours and didn’t see the entire view from all sides.

Revolving buildings don’t come around easily (pun intended), so this is definitely a rare experience to have. It’s very accessible to people willing to splurge on a Korean meal and the ability to reserve via facebook messenger.

Seoul Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant
[ facebook || instagram ]
11:00AM – 9:00PM (Last order 7:30PM)
33th Floor, MDC 100 Building,
Eastwood Ave., Bagumbayan,
Quezon City

If you’re a fan of authentic Korean cuisine and want something different from the usual Korean BBQs rampant across the metro, Seoul Sky 100 Revolving Restaurant is a must try.

Bonus vanilla milkshake for my beverage of the day

Stay healthy and eat passionately!



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  1. Thank you for this trip down memory lane, Jai! I used to work in MDC 100, but never quite reached that floor. Hopefully magawi ulit ako sa Libis so I can pay it a visit!


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