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Isip: Wishlist for the Fit Traveler

Christmas season is already here, as evidenced by the songs being played almost everywhere in the city. From karinderyas to grocery stores, jingles and carols are being played as people go about with their daily lives.

Christmas is also gift-giving season! So if you have some friends who are into fitness and traveling like I am, you might be thinking about what to get them this Yuletide season. Thankfully, I have compiled this short list of things that are both needs and wants for the traveling fitness buff.

Dry Bag

Dry bags are incredibly useful, whether you’re going to get wet or not. They’re handy as a secondary bag aside from your main pack, as well as a flotation device when swimming. They look cute and nifty when inflated, but also fold into almost nothing when not in use. There’s just no reason not to have one if you’re traveling outdoors. (Price range: P300-P1,000)

Reusable Water Bottle

This one saves the environment as well as money. The recommended daily intake is 4 liters of water so when you’re traveling from place to place, it might be hard to find a water source when it’s convenient for you. But with your own water bottle, you have a reservoir and can refill it any time. Some establishments offer free water refills so take advantage of that. Look for fold-able bottles or those with carabiner loops so they’re easier to carry around. (Price range: P500-P1,200)


There is some sense of simplicity and comfort when lying down in a hammock. As a child, I spent a lot of afternoon siestas asleep in one. A travel hammock must be durable and sturdy besides being comfortable. I’ve already got my eyes on the Duo-yan, being sold by Hammock Republic. When not in use, it folds into a neck-pillow. Mindblowingly innovative! Plus, it’s locally made, which is another plus. (Price Range: P1,100-P1,400)

Compression Tights

Aside from making you look faster, compression tights also help reduce the risk of cramping as well as wick sweat away from your skin. Personally, I haven’t tried training in compression clothing yet, but testimonials from friends say that there is a noticeable difference in performance. Still, this is a supplement to your skills, so don’t expect to outrun a bullet if you haven’t actually trained for it. (Price range: P1,500-P4,000+++)

Camping Tent

The only thing holding me back from multiple-day hikes. A tent is essential for major climbs. Make sure to get one that you are able to assemble quickly and is made of durable materials. Tents have many features but if you’re not too picky, get one that can house 1-2 people and is windproof since the winds can really be strong when camping high up. (Price range: P2,500-P5,000+++)

Hydration Vest

Most trail runs actually require their runners to bring hydration belts or vests during the race. Failure to bring one would warrant a no-run status or disqualification. Aside from running, these are also quite handy when biking as an additional water reservoir to your bidon(s). Look to get those with additional pockets for your gadgets and other essentials. Also, it’s better to get one with a hydration bladder already included. (Price range: P500-P4,000+++)

GPS Running Watch

Very handy for those who want to take their running to the next level. Aside from being able to track your run time, you can directly upload your route and stats to your chosen run-keeping app. There are lots of watches and features to choose from, so decide what you want to get out of this device and purchase one that fits your needs. (Price range: P5,000-P15,000+++)

GoPro Camera

A must-have if you’re all about documenting your adventures. There are lots of other brands of action cameras out there, but GoPro is arguably the most popular. For the casual traveler, there’s no need to go for the flagship Hero 4 Black if you don’t plan to shoot in the highest resolutions offered. The Hero 4 Silver is more than capable of all the video and picture-taking that you’ll need in your travels. Plus it already has a built-in LCD touchscreen so you can shoot from the hip as soon as you turn the camera on. The features are well worth the price when it comes to this camera. (Price range: P15,000-P20,000+++)

Okay, fine, let’s be honest. This is MY wishlist. But I hope that this helped those who are looking for something to buy their fitness and travel-oriented friends too.

I’m currently saving up for a lot of these things. This kind of lifestyle is far from cheap, but it’s my way of chasing happiness. And like I’ve said before, this is better than spending my earnings on drugs (my never-ending justification, hehe).

Have a happy, early Christmas, everyone!



5 thoughts on “Isip: Wishlist for the Fit Traveler”

  1. I have that Duoyan, it’s very convenient. Sometimes, I also use it as a sleeping bag. :)


    1. Thank you for the positive reply, sir Powell. I haven’t read any negatives about it yet and I can’t wait until I get one of my own. :)


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