Bukas: Malaya Artisan Keycaps

Because I’m really loving my mechanical keyboard, I decided to decorate it with some artisan keycaps. I found a local shop that makes their own and decided to order some of their designs. This is a short post documenting that purchase.

I found this shop after joining multiple facebook groups that are focused on mechanical keyboards. It is also there that I purchased the keyboard that I own plus a special keycap set. If you’re interested in the hobby then these groups are a must-join:

I messaged the shop via their FB page and they were quick to respond. The transaction itself was very quick and easy. They just verified that the designs I want are available.

Thankfully and most importantly, they accepted payment via Gcash. Once they confirmed the payment, they shipped the items out the next day. I ordered the items on Wednesday night and they arrived on Saturday.

It was a cute little package. I didn’t know that it came with a carbon-fiber patterned zip case! Props to the shop for including this because that means the keycaps are well protected and it’s something I can also use in the future.

I was so amazed by the packaging that I took my sweet time admiring it before actually checking what was inside.

Ta-da! The keycaps even had their own organizer! This was so cute and I really can’t help but emphasize how customer-oriented this shop is. Of course, I know they would protect their products during shipment, but I didn’t anticipate them to go this far. I was just expecting some bubble wrap, not a complete carrying case and organizer. Thank you, Malaya Artisan Keycaps!

These keycaps are made from resin and clay that is hardened and finished with a protective coating. The clay is usually molded on top of a blank ABS keycap and sometimes they use 3D Printing as well. The ones I ordered are all handmade and they are so cute and intricate.

First up, we have the Ramen keycap. This was actually the only keycap I wanted to buy because in real life, I have an unhealthy obsession with Ramen. The details are so good and I’m impressed how much ingredients they managed to fit into this thing. It was already so enticing in the pictures, but holding it in your hands is a different experience altogether. I’m 100% satisfied with this product.

Of course, I didn’t want them to go through all the hassle just to send me a single keycap, so I ordered a few more. Keeping in line with my Japanese cuisine fixation, I ordered this sushi keycap as well. Look how cute it is! I just want to pop it in my mouth so bad.

And finally, how could I not order this burger keycap?! Look at it! It’s so cute! It reminds me of those gummy burgers I used to buy as a kid. The details are superb and as a fellow dabbler in crafts, I like the small imperfections that show that it is individually made by hand. Absolutely one of a kind.

As you can see by the keycap socket, it fits cherry-type switches. This is used by a majority of all the mechanical keyboards out there. I’m not sure if they also do keycaps for the rarer switches, but you can always go and ask them yourself.

They even added in a freebie! This 3D printed Bobba Fett keycap isn’t something I ordered but I guess they had an extra one in stock. I am beyond grateful for this. The customer service is insanely good and I couldn’t ask for more.

And there you have the keycaps I ordered installed. They look absolutely cute and add a little pizzazz to my otherwise black and white keyboard. I love them so much and since they have a protective coating, I have no worries of them wearing out when I keep pressing.

This is my first foray into the world of artisan keycaps and honestly, I don’t really plan to buy anywhere else because I trust the quality and service of this shop already.

I highly recommend them and they also have a multitude of designs that you can choose from. If you’re looking for your next artisan keycap and want to spice up your keyboard, Malaya Artisan Keycaps is the place to go!

Malaya Artisan Keycaps
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That’s it for this blog post. What’s your experience with artisan keycaps? How many do you have? Let’s talk in the comments!

Until then, keep typing and stay safe!



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