Bukas: Gfriend’s Memoria Spoon & Chopsticks Set

So a few weeks ago, my Gfriend dealer sent me a message of their available products and I saw a piece of merchandise that I’ve been looking for since last year. Without any hesitation, I ordered it and waited for it to arrive. Finally, it’s here, so let’s take a look at it.

I haven’t shared the story of it before, but I got scammed almost a year ago when I first decided to buy some K-pop merch. Obviously that didn’t deter me from trying again with other, more reliable shops.

But it was a bad experience because I never got the merch that I wanted since the time window to order was already over by the time I realized it was a scam. Thankfully, I now have a reliable supplier and they have never failed me even once.

So this is the piece of merchandise that I’ve always wanted and it’s finally in my hands:

If it’s not clear enough, it’s a Spoon & Chopstick set from Gfriend’s Memoria. For those of you that are still out of the loop, Gfriend’s Memoria is a reality show starring the now-disbanded girl group, Gfriend.

I remember waiting every week for the episodes to come out and even binge-watching the past ones I missed when I still wasn’t a fan. I will always have fond memories of watching this show on YouTube because it helped me learn the personalities of the members and love them even more. Needless to say, I miss it a lot, along with everything Gfriend.

Anyway, this was the item that I was scammed off, so technically, I already paid for it twice over. But it doesn’t matter because finally I have a set. So let’s see what’s inside.

The outer box is simply decorated with the show’s logo. It’s made out of plain cardboard and since the contents are utensils made to be used, this was designed to be easily discarded.

And when opened, it just contains the utensils themselves. The original merch set had a photocard inclusion but since this wasn’t bought from the original store anymore, there’s none included.

Printed at the end of the utensils are the show’s name. It’s definitely the only thing that makes the utensils special. I initially bought this merch to support the show, but I indirectly supported scammers instead. This time, with how Source Music handled Gfriend’s disbandment, I’m just ordering this out of spite and hatred.

I plan to use these as portable utensils so that I can save the turtles and also be more hygienic when dining out. Not that I have plans of dining out, but whenever I need to be at the office, at least I have my own personal set.

This is why I also ordered some unofficial Gfriend merch. This is a Gfriend straw and it conveniently has a carrying pouch.

It’s a single metal straw with the Gfriend name on it plus a wire cleaner. I usually order iced coffee at the office and they always serve it with paper straws that get soggy after a few minutes of use. If not paper straws, they send some kind of biodegradable straw made of pasta (?) that tends to break during delivery. So this metal straw is actually another good thing to have as a personal item.

And with that, my utensils for eating and drinking are complete. I know this is a bit late into the pandemic era to start using this, but it’s better to be late than dead, right?

Thankfully they all fit inside the pouch. I’m still working from home right now, but pretty soon we will be going back to the office setting, so I can’t wait to use these. These are the last personal utensils I need because I already have my own mug and bottles of water at the office.

Again, I have to thank my Gfriend supplier for always updating me and sending these items in good condition. They’re always my go-to when I’m feeling like treating myself with some Kpop goodies.

That’s it for now. Stay safe, everyone.



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