Isip: A letter to the past

I have always tried to live my life with no regrets; and up to this point, I’ve never had regrets that keep me up all night or haunt me in my nightmares and daydreams. However, there are some things that I would have done differently, given the chance. Nothing completely life-changing, but maybe just enough to set me on the right path earlier. So here goes a letter to Past-Me, after all Present-Me has experienced until today.

Dear Past-Me,

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, then time travel has somehow been commercialized in my time. How are you doing? I know you’re fine because you’re too proud to admit otherwise. If you’re having problems, do not panic, you’ll get through them and grow into the handsome young man writing this letter (Yes, you’ll get better looking in the future, so look forward to that). I’ve taken a few minutes from my valuable future-time to give you some advice that I hope you’d take to heart so we can both be better people. It can be a bit lengthy but be patient with me. It’s not everyday you get to read something from Future-You.

On Studies

You’re going to miss learning once you graduate, but know that it’s not the end of your quest for knowledge. Thank you for always having been curious about a lot of things. Continue to ask questions and study the topics that interest you.

I know you’re still in school and being forced to learn unnecessary things, but that’s how life works. You won’t always get to choose the things you learn, but never take them for granted. Don’t take pride on being ignorant. DON’T FAIL THAT SCI10 CLASS LIKE I DID.

On Fitness

It saddens me to say this, but you will still have small calves in the future. But that doesn’t mean they’re weak; you’ll be a future marathoner, baby! The most important advice I can give you now is this: start now. Start doing squats. Start doing deadlifts. Start running. Start fixing your diet.  Start biking. Start swimming.

I know this seems overwhelming now, but you don’t have to do them all at once. Trust me, you have more time now in your hands than you will have when you’re employed. You have the luxury of time, so use it wisely. It’s hard at the start but don’t give up. I promise you will love fitness. Again, start swimming, you’re going to need that.

On Design

Hahaha. Work on your portfolio, bro. Also, here are some keywords to the most wanted design jobs: Web Design and coding, UX Design, and Video Manipulation. Try to study them and widen your skill-set. I know you love Adobe Illustrator and you still do, but learn InDesign and other applications as well. You’re still going to love drawing and vectors, though, so do your best to excel at that. Compile and list down all your ideas. And finally, execute them. All your ideas won’t help you if they aren’t actualized.

On Money

I’m proud to say that you’re still kuripot as ever, but have never felt that you were lacking. Sure, our lives would be better with a GoPro (watch out and save up for that), but it’s not really essential to our survival. Maybe spend less on junk food and more on the healthy stuff. Here’s a tip, make your weekly baon on Sundays. But don’t forget to enjoy the tapsilog at Rodic’s and the siomai rice from Master Siomai now and then.

And when it comes to stuff that you will want to use for the long term, don’t skimp on them. Buy nice or buy twice, as they say. Buy the Asus Zenfone 5, you won’t regret it. And invest in stocks! Learn it and dominate it.

On Travel

I know this is one thing that has never crossed your mind, but I’m telling you, you will love traveling. Go to Cebu, swim with the whale sharks. Climb mountains! Climb Mt. Batulao the next time you’re free. Thank me later. Keep track of your itineraries; share them with others. Take photos, upload them to instagram (Yes, you grow up to be a fame whore, unfortunately). Keep moving. And just like in fitness, start now.

I know that right now you hate commuting, but get used to it, because you will need that skill in the future. Traffic will continue to suck more and more so find something to do while stuck in traffic. Tip: Read A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. They’ll be making a TV show about it and you can know the twists before everyone else.

On Friendship

You will make new friends. You will lose old friends. This is normal. But remember, you don’t have to burn bridges, you just have to stop crossing them. As you go on, you’ll realize that you don’t have to spend all your energy pleasing everyone. Find the friends worth giving your time to, and treasure them. But don’t shut yourself off to new ones. You’ve always loved meeting new people and you always will. Stay approachable and open. Most of all, maintain eye contact when talking to people.

On Family

Never take for granted the time you have with your family. Always reply to Papa’s texts and do your part to help Mama with the household chores. You can be lazy in school and everything else, but don’t be lazy when it comes to your parents. Remember, they had the patience to put up with you while you were a baby, pooping and peeing everywhere. Cherish your time with Wowo and Wawa. Talk to your cousins more. Buy them gifts. DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN FAMILY YET. YOU ARE NOT READY.

On Love

I know, it’s tough being a heartthrob. Good looks can be a curse as well as a blessing. But try not to break too many hearts. Kidding aside, you’re eventually going to know how it feels to want someone you can’t have. And it’s going to suck. A lot. So think about both sides of the relationship before making decisions. Don’t rush into it. You’ve still got years ahead of you, and if you do all the things I told you above, searching for a significant other will be the least of your priorities.

Don’t promise your heart when you’re not ready, and don’t follow everything your heart says. Figure out what you want from a relationship first before entering it. Here’s a little quote that may help: “A good relationship is where both partners achieve more and better things together than they can separately.” Don’t fret if you don’t find the right one now, let me take care of it. ;)

On Everything else

I know it’s a long read, but just remember the essentials. I’m not telling you how to live our life. It’s yours to enjoy (for now). No matter what, you’re doing great! Do all the cliche things; live life to the fullest, carpe the diem. Continue to become less of a hypocrite (admit it, we still are). Don’t litter, don’t smoke. Value your sleep! You still haven’t finished Skyrim, so maybe do that in the near future. Develop more self-discipline and time-management. Stop slouching. Don’t drag your feet when you walk. Wash your face and butt always. Strictly brush your teeth. I’m telling you these things because the earlier you develop good habits, the better off we’ll be.

But most of all, stay happy, enjoy your life, and be a blessing to others. And no matter what happens, don’t worry, you’re still going to end up being me (and I’m awesome). And we’re both going to make it.



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