Takbo: Sole Surivor


Ask my friends and they’ll tell you that I’ll do almost anything to find the cheapest way to do something. Walk in the Manila heat to save a few pesos instead of taking a jeep? Yep.  Eating at home before a night out with friends to avoid buying expensive food? Normal routine. This attitude of mine extends up to my clothes… most of my shirts have been gifts or freebies from joining organizations and events. So when I got into running and hiking, I had a little problem. I didn’t want to buy shoes! Here’s the story of how I managed to get by and a list of my feet-gear.

Adidas Adipure TR 360

These were the first shoes I used to run. They were given to me by my younger brother for weight-training, almost a year before I even thought of running. They’re literally hand-me-ups. I was blessed with a brother who had an overabundance of shoes and the same foot size. I used them on my first ever 5k run.

Use: Weight-training, Running
Pros: Lightweight • Flexible • Feet don’t get hot
Cons: Water gets in easily from the outsole • No cushioning for the heel

Adidas Revenergy Boost
Adidas Revenergy Boost

The next hand-me-up shoes I received from my brother. When my papa found out I was getting into running, I think he told my brother to give me this pair (suspicious). Well, they’ve been my go-to pair ever since and I’ve used them for both training and for races. As you can see, the heel part is already a bit worn,  but I’m going to milk every km that these shoes can give before I stop using them. I used this pair for 10km, 18km, 21km, and my grand 42km runs.

Use: Running
Pros: Very comfortable •  Good cushioning
Cons: Heel drop is too big for me to correct my heel-striking

Adidas AX 1 Trail
Adidas AX 1 Trail

Now that I’ve got running shoes, my papa felt that I needed shoes dedicated solely for hiking. So, he gave me this pair from his own personal collection. These shoes are very sturdy and reliable on the trails. They grab on to any terrain and I’ve even used them to run for short distances.

Use: Hiking,  Short Running
Pros: Sturdy yet comfortable • Water resistant • Never slips off
Cons: A bit heavy • Mud and wet dirt cling to the lugs

Salomon X-scream
Salomon X-scream

Last but not least, these are my newest pair. For some reason, my papa didn’t think I already have enough shoes and bought this pair at a sale from ROX. I think papa is psychic because it was around this time that I was contemplating on venturing into trail-running. So I guess if I ever have the chance to join one, I’ve already got the shoes to do so. But for now, I’m using them for both running short distances and hiking. Since these were the only pair that I got brand new, I don’t think I’ve broken them in enough yet.

Use: Trail-running, Hiking, Short Running
Pros: Lightweight • Dirt doesn’t stick • Firm fit • Cool lacing mechanism • Breathable
Cons: [Edited March 2016 after having broken them in properly] Minimal Heel cushioning • Drying takes a while

So far, that’s been my main roster of shoes. I’ve got a few more for casual hang-outs and some slippers and sandals which I’ve used for hiking, but they don’t really need their own part in this post. I’d like to thank my brother and father for donating to my benefit. Without them, I would’ve been a barefoot runner and hiker by now.

What’s next for me? Well I still don’t plan on buying a new pair since as long as what I have works, I’m okay with them. But I am eyeing the Adidas Ultra Boost (loyal to the stripes) and/or the Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit for a lesser heel-strike. These shoes have great reviews and I want to know how much difference they’ll really make compared to my old ones. For now, though, I am fine with my collection; though I won’t say no to a gift of soles this Christmas (ehem).



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