Galaw: Where’s my program?

It’s been a while since I last posted something purely fitness related. This post will serve as my mind dump for my search for the perfect fitness program.  Maybe if you read along, you’ll find something useful as well. Let’s get it on!

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Takbo: Sole Surivor


Ask my friends and they’ll tell you that I’ll do almost anything to find the cheapest way to do something. Walk in the Manila heat to save a few pesos instead of taking a jeep? Yep.  Eating at home before a night out with friends to avoid buying expensive food? Normal routine. This attitude of mine extends up to my clothes… most of my shirts have been gifts or freebies from joining organizations and events. So when I got into running and hiking, I had a little problem. I didn’t want to buy shoes! Here’s the story of how I managed to get by and a list of my feet-gear.

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Isip: Off days

Having a bad day?

We humans aren’t invincible, as much as we want to be :(. There will be days where we won’t be up to our optimal performance, be it in fitness or even just in our daily activities. They can ruin our groove, destroy our momentum, and hold us back from reaching our true potential!

But fret not, because I, Jai, fitness extraordinaire and certified gym expert, will help you analyze this phenomenon so we can better tackle it the moment it shows its ugly face.

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