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Akyat: Nasugbu Quadrilogy, 4 peaks in 1 day

March 25, 2016

I stood on the campsite of my mother mountain and looked up at the summit, still barely visible as the moon shone against it at around 04:30 in the morning. I can faintly make out the parrot’s beak beside it and a thought entered my head: After summiting this mountain, I have three more to go for today.

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Akyat: Mt. Apayang via Mt. Talamitam Traverse

September 20, 2015

Continuing the streak of climbing newly-opened mountains, after hearing from our Talamitam guide that Mt. Apayang was already open for hikers, my friends and I immediately set a date to climb it. After praying for the whole week for it not to rain, we were able to successfully conquer Talamitam’s neighbor. But this was no easy feat, because this mountain gave me the most stressful descent so far!

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