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Padyak: Timberland

July 26, 2015

I’ve been contemplating on taking my biking to the next level. And ever since my previous rides with my biking group Godspeed Manila (please like and share), I’ve developed a fondness for road bikes. Now most of my cyclist friends have MTBs (hip term for mountain bikes) but going offroad isn’t much of a priority for me. I prefer hiking up mountains instead of biking up them, thank you.

So after much contemplation, I finally gave in to my wants and spent my hard-earned cash on a roadie! (hip term for roadbikes) This post is to commemorate her maiden voyage up Timberland heights.

This has actually been my third time up Timberland. The first time was during my birthday ride. The second time was during an unblogged ride up to Mt. Sinai in Pintong Bukawe last May 24, 2015.

The truly strong man knows that all power comes from God.
The truly strong man knows that all power comes from God.

However, this was my first ride using my roadbike, a Cannondale CAAD8 Sora. It’s a really great bike for beginners and it’s always recommended by more experienced cyclists because it is budget friendly and offers a good bang for your buck.

Caad8, my dream bike
Caad8, my dream bike

Earlier during the day, I participated in the 39th Milo Marathon, running the 10km distance to achieve an official Sub1 Personal Record.  I was successful and bagged a new PR.


Sadly, I am unable to find any picture of me running, proving once again that the hardest part of a fun run is finding pictures of yourself. Anyhoo, right after the run, I quickly changed to my dry clothes and went straight home where I took a bath and zoomed away on my bike.

The plan wasn’t actually going to Timberland, but at Wawa Dam, which I have been to before. Because our bike fellowship (please like and share) was growing bigger, we have met new cycling acquaintances who haven’t been there yet. Because I was coming from a run, they were already waiting for me at the dam.

Upon arriving, I saw my fellow riders already heading out back to where I came from. They reported that the dam had overflowed and wasn’t safe to partake in.

Wawa Dam, more like Kawawa Dam.
Wawa Dam before and after, more like Kawawa Dam.

So they changed their plans and decided to go to Timberland instead, which was a few kilometers back. At first I was apprehensive because Timberland is an intense ride uphill and my legs aren’t anywhere near fresh because of the run. But still, I gritted my teeth and went along with them because I loved biking!!!!

Let me see you grit those teeth!

Upon arriving at Timberland, we had some pictures taken and a  little rest. Despite bringing my roadie and not my ss (hip term for singlespeed bikes), I was still unable to completely climb Timberland with my bike. So I walked and pushed my bike mostly up the mountain. Nevertheless, it was still very fulfilling to reach the top.

Climb, climb, walk.
Climb, climb, walk.

The downhill was always the best part. They say it takes an hour to climb and less than 5 minutes to ride down Timberland. I still didn’t have a lot of confidence in my bike handling so I was keeping pressure on my brakes the whole descent. After that, it was a quick ride home to get some rest.

But before getting some rest, I had to clean my bike first. Because I don’t want to risk my bike getting stolen, I keep it in my room beside my bed (like all hardcore cyclists do). So before I bring it up to my room, I had to clean it well unless I want to unleash the fury of my mother. It took me about an extra hour to tidy my bike. After that, I was finally able to get some shuteye.

Yes, I sleep beside my bike every night.
Yes, I sleep beside my bike every night.

So here are some insights from my first roadbike ride.

  • I can go fast
  • I still need to get used to drop bars
  • I need to learn how to read and feel my gears
  • I can go really fast
  • My back hurts because my saddle is too low
  • My crotch got numb for days after the ride
  • Slow things are annoying
  • I still haven’t used the higher gears
  • I can go really really fast
  • Cleaning up a bike is tedious

I really enjoyed riding my roadie even if the roads in the metro aren’t that roadbike-friendly. Mountain bikes are still the best for going around the city because potholes and bumps are still prevalent in this country. But that shouldn’t deter anyone from trying to bike because in our own way, we cyclists are trying to keep the environment and ourselves healthy.

Gear up and ride safe!



p.s. Thanks for the picture, Pao “Pao? Pao Villegas!?” Villegas of Godspeed Manila (Please like and share)


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