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Akyat: Mt. Hapunang Banoi

November 8, 2015

Hapunang Banoi, Haponang Banoy, or Hapunang Banoy, depending on who you ask, is the last mountain in the Wawa area that I haven’t climbed. So naturally, I organized a climb on the first date available. Thankfully, everything went according to plan and I was able to finish this wonderful mountain.

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Akyat: Mt. Ayaas

October 10, 2015

I’ve been on a quest to finish all four mountains in Sitio Wawa, Montalban (Rodriguez), Rizal. It started with my first successful twin hike to Mts. Pamitinan and Binacayan, and now I’ve finished another, the not-so-gentle giant, Mt. Ayaas!

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Padyak: Timberland

July 26, 2015

I’ve been contemplating on taking my biking to the next level. And ever since my previous rides with my biking group Godspeed Manila (please like and share), I’ve developed a fondness for road bikes. Now most of my cyclist friends have MTBs (hip term for mountain bikes) but going offroad isn’t much of a priority for me. I prefer hiking up mountains instead of biking up them, thank you.

So after much contemplation, I finally gave in to my wants and spent my hard-earned cash on a roadie! (hip term for roadbikes) This post is to commemorate her maiden voyage up Timberland heights.

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Padyak: Wawa Dam


April 19, 2015

There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t gone on a  long bike ride recently. (1), my weekends have been used up by all my other hobbies and interests, and (2), ever since my birthday ride, my rear brake has been completely used up so I only rely on my front brake to stop me from colliding with things.

Then, a friend invited me for a ride to Wawa dam, and since I had nothing better to do that day, I complied. I just decided to pedal extra carefully. So here’s my Wawa dam experience.

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