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Likha: Run 2 Me 2018

I recently had the privilege to create the collaterals for a local trail run. I was pretty nervous about the project as I have never designed something that was in line with my hobbies AND with such a big scope. But thankfully, I was able to pull it off and I can say it was a success.

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Takbo: Outrun Your Dreams 22km

May 27, 2018

After more than a month of no trailrunning, I’m back with a quick recap of an enjoyable run for the benefit of some friends. This is my race report for the Outrun Your Dreams Trail Run.

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Akyat: Mt. Ayaas

October 10, 2015

I’ve been on a quest to finish all four mountains in Sitio Wawa, Montalban (Rodriguez), Rizal. It started with my first successful twin hike to Mts. Pamitinan and Binacayan, and now I’ve finished another, the not-so-gentle giant, Mt. Ayaas!

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