Gala: The Quiet Place in Calayo, Batangas

May 7, 2016

This was a special day for me because it is my Mama‘s birthdaaaay! But aside from that, my company also scheduled their annual outing/team-building on this day. I was fine with missing out so Mama can celebrate her day, but she told me that since it was going to be mothers’ day on Sunday, we could just celebrate then. So I confirmed my attendance with my officemates and early in the morning, we were bound for Nasugbu, Batangas!

Calayo is a small village in Batangas, north of Nasugbu. Our travel time was a little less than 3 hours since we avoided the Cavite traffic by leaving extra early.

Plying the Nasugbu-Ternate highway, we passed through the Kaybiang Tunnel once more.

Early morning jump!

Once we arrived, we legitimized the team-building by having some fun and games. Despite me raring to swim, I did enjoy the games that were organized by my officemates.

The victorious team

The first game was called “Improvised Hockey” and consisted of smacking a ball with cardboard tubes. Our team bagged 2nd place in this game.

Entering the fray

After the first game, we had a bit of time to relax. I drank a bit of old-man’s drink (Emperador Lights) and made some cold iced tea to combat the heat.

Getting ready for the next game while a bit buzzed

The second game was an “Amazing Race.” It had a lot of stations with different challenges for the teams to finish. I enjoyed this game more and our team was very competitive.

Sprinting the first leg of the race

We were head to head with another team at the last leg, but we managed to pull away and get the victory. Congratulations, Red team!

Carrying the change that is coming

It was searing hot in the beach and the sand was burning my feet, so entering the water was one of the best experiences that day. The water was just right, not too much visibility, but the waves and the level were friendly enough for recreational swimming.

Feeling the burn from the hot sand

After the games, it was finally time to eat. But I felt my stomach getting rowdy with all the alcohol and iced tea I consumed. So I ate just a little bit of adobo and rice before heading out to swim.

Baywatch, chos!

And of course, what would a day on the beach be without a quick photoshoot? Thanks for the pictures, Rosalie!

Beaching the boat in after a hard day’s work

Calayo cove is a good place for swimmers because the water doesn’t get too deep immediately. Since it was a cove, the waves aren’t violent, but the trade-off is the noticeable lack of wind.

Feeling the (inexistent) breeze

The Quiet Place Beach Resort
Calayo, Batangas
Entrance Fee: P50 per head
Nipa Hut: P1,500 per day
Big Cottage: P1,000 per day
Small Cottage: P400 per day
Videoke: P800 per day
Parking: P100 per day

Where the beaches at?

Thanks for reading and travel safe.

Happiest birthday, Mama! I love you so much!



8 thoughts on “Gala: The Quiet Place in Calayo, Batangas”

  1. Pls give me your contact mobile for possible booking for 50 to 100 people. Nid to know also how to get thre. Hope to get fdbk asap for my presentation and approval


    1. Sorry Ma’am I don’t have any contacts there as we were only visitors. Please visit their FB page for more information. Thanks!


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