Pitik: Nike Women’s Half Marathon

May 15, 2016

If I had to describe the past two weekends, the only word I have in mind would be “run-tastic.” 2 weekends ago, I was the unofficial photographer for the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon. Read on for the gritty details.

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Takbo: My First Forty-two

October 4, 2015

Finally, I have reached another milestone in my life. I have successfully finished a full marathon. I’m still in a bit of a disbelief after everything that happened. As of now, I’m physically feeling the aftereffects of the run, but mentally, I am hyped up from this achievement.

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Takbo: SOGO Hotel Marathon – December 13, 2015


Hot on the heels of the Sofitel Manila Half-Marathon, another hotel will also be having their very own fun run. The Sogo Hotel Marathon will take place on December 13, 2015 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. Save the date! Continue reading “Takbo: SOGO Hotel Marathon – December 13, 2015”

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Akyat: Hike Essentials


I’ve already posted about the Bike Essentials that everyone should check out when they’re about to start biking. Now that I’ve had a few mountains under my belt, I’ve decided to make a little infographic about hiking! Because I’ve only ever done dayhikes, the items listed are those I’ve had some experience with. For overnight hikes, I might make separate post for that once I’ve actually done one. So for now, here’s the EVERY-DAY-HIKE carry list!

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Akyat: Mt. Batolusong

April 30, 2015

There are some days when I feel that enough is enough and just do something spontaneous. The most recent would have to be accepting an invitation to climb a mountain during a work day. Usually, I climb or do something outdoorsy during the weekends only, but since this is a rare opportunity to climb another beauty of nature, I took a leave off from work. This is my Mt. Batolusong experience. (Pictures ahead, wooo)

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Baliktanaw: Life Snapshots

Forgive me for not being so active recently, I’ve been caught up in the daily grind of life. What that basically means is that I’ve been living the same routine everyday. Work has been a drag and the only times I feel “alive” has been during the weekends.

So in order to quickly encapsulate the recent happenings in my life, here are some pictures:

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Biked to: Manila

December 21, 2014

I was woken up (very early) by my phone ringing and upon answering, it was my office-mate calling from nearby UP Diliman. He was going to meet up with another office-mate of mine and they were waiting for me. I had a quick breakfast, changed into my ~*Biking Gear*~ and pedaled away. I had reserved the entire day for biking and that was exactly what we did. Continue reading “Biked to: Manila”